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Pole Houses
Pole Houses
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Bring you fantasy home to life

Click here to view the actual 3 day assembly of the structural frame of our popular "Turtle Shell" pole house plan.

We specialize in designing and engineering pole houses, intelligent modern homes for the 21st century. Ecologically smart, pole houses trace their beginnings to the indigenous architectures of ancient Africa, Japan and Polynesia.

Tim Cornell, founder of Polehouses.com, has been designing and building custom pole houses since 1988. Striving always for simplicity, innovative use of eco materials, harmony with the site environment, and affordability, his pole houses are marked by both beauty and durability.

Our Pole House Plans are now available for online purchase. Concise blueprints detail everything you or your contractor will need to construct an affordable, adaptable, structurally sound, environmentally sensitive eco pole house. Our unique structures are able to resist the ravages of hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and the damaging effects of sun, rain, wind and time.

Our Fabulous P-POD KITS are Now Available for Ordering Worldwide!

Explore our website to learn more about the structure, adaptability and costs of building your own fabulous pole house

Pole House Kits of all of our Designs are Now Available to Order.

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